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Here at MSW no job is regarded as too big or too small and we pride ourselves in the fact that all our clients receive the same standard of service and level of commitment regardless. Indeed, our level of service has become an industry benchmark that may others aim to replicate.

You can always rent with confidence from MSW knowing we'll provide what you need, when you need it - guaranteed.

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Cuplock system is one of the leading scaffolding arrangements used worldwide. Its unique node point connection makes it the fastest, safe, most economic and versatile Scaffolding ever conceived & designed. It is fabricated out of requisite grade steel tubes i.e., “B” class. The connection point is set at 500 mm intervals. Available in 3.00, 2.50, 2.00, 1.50, 1.00 Mtr sizes.

These spans provide maximum safety with minimum supervision. Fabricated out of 2mm sheet lattices of 10mm bar and main bar of 16mm & T section of 40 x 5mm. It needs no intermediate support to be provided. Its available sizes with their respective opening and load carrying capacity are as under. Available in 2mm sheets, Lattices of 10mm bar and main bar of 16mm and T section of 40 x 5 mm sizes.

Adjustable Base Jack fabricated out of 32.00, 36.00, 38.00mm and MS Bar with 4 TPI Acme / Square thread, 150 x 150 x 6mm MS Flat Base Plate & Malleable cast iron Cup Type. Double Handle light / Heavy duty nut. Sizes available are 350, 450, 550, 600 mm bar length.

Adjustable Telescopic Prop is one of the ideal, most economical & important part of shuttering system to support all kind of formwork to slabs, beams, wall and columns. It is fabricated out of “B” class steel tubes and is in two parts. Available in 2x2, 2x3 & 3x3 Mtr. sizes.

Available in 3'x2', 3'x1.5', 3'x1.25', 3'x1', 3'x0.75', 3'x0.5' and 4'x1.5' sizes.

Couplersare fundamental component that is used to assemble tube-and-couplerscaffolding.

Alsocalled connectors. These are used when Vertical standards are connected end toend.